Please note that LASER Credit Union Ltd will be closed due to bank holidays on Friday 3rd April 2015 and Monday 6th April 2015. The payments that would have come in on Friday and Monday have come into your member accounts today.

The staff at LASER wish you a very happy Easter.

Annual General Meeting

LASER is pleased to advise members that our AGM will take place on Wednesday 18th March 2015 at 2pm in LASER’s office in the Old Town Hall in the centre of Rotherham.

Members with £5 or more in their savings accounts are entitled to attend the AGM and vote on issues raised.

There will be an opportunity for members to put themselves forward to be appointed to the Board as Directors of LASER, who run LASER on behalf of the members, throughout the year. If you can spare a few hours each month to contribute to LASER’s success, then please contact the office for an application form, in advance.

Need helping paying your bills?

Current Account

Have all your bills from Christmas dropped on your door step all at once?

Does your money not stretch far enough this month, to pay them all off?

If you need an affordable loan to help you cope, apply to LASER today.

We can give you an answer on your loan application the same day, in most cases.

Start Saving for Next Christmas now!

LASER offers a Christmas Club Savings account to help customers save for Christmas each year.

You can save from as little as £20 per month and still receive a 1% bonus each year!

There is only 1 withdrawal allowed from this account each year, between 1st November and the 31st January.

For full details and an application form click here.

Leo & Anto – Credit Union

Leo & Anto performing ‘Credit Union’ in Tuam, Co Galway before they took off to the United States on their April/May 2014 tour.

Credit Union is available on Leo & Anto’s second collection of songs called Pushin’ It!

We Need A Union

The song “Union on the Streets” by Charles Bailey featuring Question Musiq and Delilah. Charles was inspired by the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking out about payday lenders and wanted to do something to support the Church of England’s Task Group to promote credit unions as a better way to borrow than going to payday lenders and other high-cost credit providers.

Celebrating 50 Years of Credit Unions in Great Britain

Golden anniversary for credit unions 

LASER Credit Union is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the first credit union in Britain.  

Credit unions have been putting their members first and providing them with the financial services they need since 1964.  There are now nearly 400 in Britain which together provide responsible savings and loans to over 1 million people and look after over £1 billion in assets.

Christmas Club Savings Account launched

LASER is pleased to introduce it’s new Christmas Club Savings Account.

This will allow customers to save up for presents for their family and friends.

Start saving from as little as £5 per week up to a maximum of £500 per month.

Savings can only be withdrawn between 1st November and 31st January each year.

New Loan Products launched

Premier Savings

LASER is pleased to announce that it has launched 2 new Loan products, specifically for the hard working people of Rotherham.

The first one is a Platinum loan, allowing people to apply to borrow from £1,000 to £5,000, over 1 to 5 years, at an affordable interest rate of 1% per month, APR 12.68%.

This will allow people to purchase cars, improve their homes, get married, or have that dream holiday they have always wanted.

Annual General Meeting

LASER is pleased to announce that this year’s Annual Geneneral Meeting (AGM) will be held on Wednesday 19th February 2014, at 2pm in LASER’s office in The Old Town Hall.
All savers with £5 or more in their savings accounts are entitled to attend the AGM and will be able to vote on the level of dividend that will be paid to members for the last financial year, ending 30th September 2013.