Christmas Club Savings Account

This account enables you to save throughout the year but withdrawals can ONLY be made during November and December

You can save as little or as much as you want throughout the year, up to the maximum savings limit across all your savings accounts with us of £15,000

You can withdraw from your Christmas Club Savings Account between 1st November and 31st December and there is no limit to the number of withdrawals

The Christmas Club Savings Account is a dividend based account. (Each year at our AGM, usually in March, the members vote on the level of dividend that may be paid to savers. Dividends are paid from distributable profits each year, so are not guaranteed)

Savings are safe and backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which covers individuals up to an amount of £85,000 per person

You must be aged 16 or over to apply


You will need to be a member of LASER Credit Union in order to apply for the Christmas Club Savings Account. If you are, then you can now apply quickly and easily on our mobile app.

If you are not a member you will need to apply for membership first

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