Telephone System … at last!

Members will know that we’ve had a lot of difficulty dealing with incoming telephone calls in the weeks since moving out of the Old Town. But that’s beginning to change now. We’ve installed a new telephone service, using the numbers you already know, at our temporary office in the Riverside Building.

If you call our main number on 01709 836500, you’ll hear an automated system that allows you to choose between general enquiries, crisis loans and arrears. If you don’t choose one, you’ll be directed to the general enquiries desk. If you need to discuss a crisis loan, you can use the dedicated crisis loans number 01709 835162 and you will be routed directly to the crisis loans desk.

We’re still not fully up-to-speed of course – working from a temporary office is less than ideal and we just don’t have the space we would wish for. So we ask our members to bear with us as we prepare for another move into new offices over the next few weeks.

If you have any difficulty getting through on the phone, please email