Cost of Living Payments

For information with regard to Cost Of Living Payments and eligibility please check the government website for guidance.  The link is provided below:

The DWP will send payments between 14th July 22 and 31st July 22

To check to see if you have received a payment please check your balance and transactions via the mobile app.

Cost of Living Payments will be credited to your Credit Union Cash Account.

The Cost of Living Payments from the DWP are being received, unfortunately, without direct reference to your accounts and although Credit Unions, working together, have found a way of identifying payments to members this takes time and are being processed individually. Due to this payments may be delayed from our normal “download” by 10am but we endeavour to have them processed by the end of the day. We stress that this payment process is out of our control and something all Credit Unions all dealing with. However, we do apologise for any delay and inconvenience this may cause. We are actively looking into this matter with the DWP for you.

A polite reminder that any withdrawals including the Cost of Living payment are by BACS to a Bank Account or load to Engage card.  We hold limited cash at LASER Credit Union which is primarily a service for our vulnerable members who don’t have access to a bank account or able to maintain an Engage account.

For information on how to apply for an Engage debit card please contact a member of our team.

We encourage budgeting and saving at LASER, so if you would like to keep your Cost Of Living Payment in a separate account with us then our “Online Savings Goal Account” could be used for that. The application is available on the mobile app.

Thank you