Open Arms Community Support Hubs

The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone in different ways so to tackle this crisis, the UK Prosperity Fund has allocated funding to Rotherham Council, to get the support to the areas that really need it, the community support hubs are available to all

LASER Credit Union is out in the community working in partnership with Rotherfed, Citizens Advice Bureau and VAR, to deliver the people of Rotherham the support that they need but don’t know where to ask for it.  Do you need advice for the following:

  • Financial
  • Tenant Support
  • Employment Solutions
  • Debt Advice
  • Energy Support

Then come down to one of our support hubs throughout the Rotherham Borough to see how we can help. LASER is able to offer savings incentives to the first 50 people who wish to open an account at one of our outreach sessions, In partnership with the Illegal Money Lending Team they are going to match any savings contributions up to £25 over a 3 month period, we are also able to help with any loan applications that you want to make and advise which loan would suit your needs.

All our Support sessions are between 9.30am – 3.30pm at the following locations:

East Herringthorpe – Mowbray Gardens Library. (every other Monday)

Wath – Wath Library. (every other Tuesday)

Dinnington – Dinnington Library. (every other Wednesday)

Munsbrough – Greasbrough Library. (every other Thursday)

Maltby – Maltby Library. (every other Friday)

Dalton – Dalton Parish Hall. (every other Monday)

Ferham – St Pauls Church. (every other Tuesday)

Canklow – Canklow Pavilion. (every other Wednesday)

East Dene – Springwell Gardens. (every other Thursday)

Masborough – Liberty Church. (every other Friday)

Check out our Facebook page to see where we are, We look forward to seeing you at one of our community sessions.